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Pet Information

We love that you chose to bring your dog(s) with you on vacation! We enjoy bringing our dog, Dixie, each time as she loves to run and splash in the water with our two young daughters. I have listed a few reminders for you to keep in mind as well as a Veterinarian information on the next page.

Dog Dishes: Feel free to use our dog dishes if you need them. We also ask that you use one of the rubber boot trays to keep any spilled water contained. Please do not place dog dishes on any carpeted areas.

Dog Towels: We have designated dog towels (dark color) to help clean and dry your dog before re-entering the house. There are spare dog towels in the laundry room cabinet. Please do not wash these with the white towels.

Scooper: We have a scooper to clean up after your dog. Please do so each time in order to avoid an excessive cleaning charge. Please put dog droppings in plastic bags (there should be extra plastic grocery bags under kitchen sink) and put directly into garbage bin between the garages.

Digging: We understand some dogs like to dig. Please be aware if this is your dog and keep a close eye. Please refill any holes and notify us if this happens.

Fur: We understand that the majority of dogs shed, our dog sheds A LOT. However we expect guests to brush their dog daily (in our case two times a day) to minimize the excessive amount of dog hair. At no point is any dog allowed on any furniture or beds. Please see Dog Agreement.

Control: As in the Dog Agreement, we request that you have control of your dog(s) at all times. Our neighbors have animals as well and none of our yards have fences. They also have children that play in their yards and swim on their beach. PLEASE know your dog and do not allow them to cross property lines. Although it is private beach, anyone is permitted to walk along the water. There are times where you may find neighbors walking past. Please keep this in mind as you must maintain control over your dog(s) to ensure the safety of others.

Pet-Friendly: Many of the nearby attractions also allow dogs on leashes. Call ahead and bring them with you on your adventures!

Contact: We are always here to answer any questions! Please do not hesitate to call or email.

Animal Medical Clinic

  • 231-597-9372
  • 108 E State St, Cheboygan – 49721
  • Mon-Sat 9A-5P (Sat 12PM)
  • They offer after hours emergency – call same #

North Straits Animal Clinic

  • 231-597-9225
  • 11118 N Straits Hwy, Cheboygan – 49721
  • M-F 8-5/6
  • They offer after hours emergency – call same #