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We are excited you chose Island View Shores for your getaway home! If you are currently visiting, WELCOME and we hope you enjoy your stay! 

I've compiled a list of helpful information to get you started. From how to work the TV to what to do on a rainy day. This is just a starter guide of some of my favorites or what our past guests have raved about. I'm happy to help give suggestions before your stay or even during your stay. Feel free to reach out to me at any point! 

We are excited to announce in 2024 we will FINALLY be able to get UNLIMITED Internet! This is huge for such a rural area and we know how you cannot always disconnect completely nowadays. In the meantime should you be visiting before this service becomes available be sure to limit the internet in order to keep at faster speeds. We ask you do not stream videos, or scroll on Tiktok for hours. This will take up the entire data plan within 48hrs. Whew! Should you want to check your email using our WIFI I'd highly suggest keeping the password information to just those who need it. And remind your friends and family you are here to make memories! So get outside and play ladder golf, build a fire, make sandcastles, or see who is better at Scattergories!